Life of a Writer: May 6th

Day 2 of 7!

8:35 AM: I groaned as I rolled over and saw that it is technically past time to get up, but remembering I will have to write it down if I sleep in later propels me from bed despite a night involving insomnia and tossing and turning. I pull on jeans and a sweater, grateful for once that my winter clothes have not been put away because it’s a freaking 46 degrees out! And yes, Daniel went and turned on the heat for me.

9:00 AM: I made my way downstairs, managing to spill part of the coffee Daniel had just brought me, only to remember we aren’t making breakfast today because it’s our weekly fast day (another weight loss strategy). I hold a brief text conversation about learning past tense in French with my sister-in-law, gather my computer, et al., and head back up to my writing room to do devotions.

10:30 AM: I finished my daily Bible reading, an entry in my creative journal, devotions, prayer time, and meditation. I then wrote, for the first time in three weeks, my ten motivational phrases/goals that came about as a result of the book Girl, Stop Apologizing, which technically I am supposed to write every day as a reminder to myself. I always forget. 😛 Going to (finally) go through the emails I have been avoiding for the last week and catching up on online activities, but limiting myself to half an hour so I don’t get overwhelmed.

11:10 AM: Went through my emails, Facebook notifications, and WordPress notifications. Time for some real work! First up, getting a glass of juice. Then a set of pushups, followed by going through my California Trail trip spreadsheet to check on places that have been closed for COVID to see if they have opened yet. After that, it is back to my social media spreadsheet, now that I have finished blog posts, to draft captions for anticipatory Instagram posts and tweets.

12:40 PM: Only through the first two days of prewritten social media posts done and I was just editing ones that I had already drafted! Hashtags suck the life out of you. Perhaps I’m overthinking this…Anyway. I’m going to stretch, refresh my juice, and see if Daniel wants to work out yet.

Less than five minutes later: Daniel is in a meeting, so I guess it’s back to the social media spreadsheet for me!

1:20 PM: Daniel is out of his meeting and came to rescue me from the monotony of drafting posts. So we are going to do our Abs workout, pour some coffee, and take our afternoon jaunt around the yard.

2:10 PM: My head feels nice and clear again after the workout and walk. Plus I got a book in the mail! The Emotion Thesaurus. I have no idea how I have survived without it for as long as I have. It is going to be my constant companion from now on when I write. I am proud of myself for also managing to fit in a set of Triceps Extensions. And now it is back to social media posts.

3:10 PM: My brain is once again mush, so I am taking a stretch break to do some pushups and then going to write 100 words in my current novel, and then going to do a French lesson Duolingo.

3:50 PM: I also finished editing a scene in Picture of the Past, refilling my juice, and am now back at the grindstone. It is going better now, though! I feel like I have slowly but surely been getting the hang of it and the captions and tweets are coming faster.

5:00 PM: As it hits 5:00, I have just finished Day 11 of social media posts and am signing off. I think I hear Daniel moving around downstairs which means he might be done with work as well.

one – two minutes later: Daniel is nowhere to be seen, so apparently I was listening to ghosts. So instead I did a set of Triceps extensions and am going to curl up on the couch to read about Victorian terms and expressions while I wait for him.

5:23 PM: Done for the day and headed to meet Daniel out back to saw some branches. He recently cut down some branches from the tree in our backyard, and we’ve been slowly working on breaking them down the last few days, which has involved a lot of hand sawing. Good workout, but ready to be done with it!

And the rest of my day involved:

  • Finishing breaking down/sawing all the sticks! Yay!
  • Having a smoothie for dinner as a compromise on fasting
  • Practicing waltzing
  • Doing a yoga session
  • and thinking about more cleaning, but sitting on the couch instead.

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