About Us

Once upon a time, there were several lonely girls spread out around the United States with very few friends. Not that they weren’t nice girls – in fact, they were rather exceedingly nice girls of about 13 – just at that age when they long for a “bosom friend” and watch enviously as Anne befriends Diana in Anne of Green Gables. But they were rather shy and socially awkward, and no one seemed to quite fit into their ideas of bosom friends – besides, that might include actually talking to someone. And then they discovered – The Gibson Girls!

The Gibson Girls was an idyllic forum comprised of young ladies just their temperament and tastes and through it, they became fast friends. These girls proved it was possible to become best friends with people you have never met.

A decade or two later, and all those same girls still live states apart, but they’ve been through many adventures together. A beachside cottage with readings of The Importance of Being Earnest, a mountainside cabin with a ghost named Oswald, their own “Patty’s Place” when a few of them actually did live together for a few years, and now, husbands and jobs and all that grown up stuff.

So they – or we, as I suppose I could refer to us now – decided that to better keep up on each other’s lives now that we don’t have all day to write letters, to learn how to have Anne-like ambitions again, and to indulge in the occasional fictional life together, we will write this blog together!

We had to name it after one of Anne’s homes, of course, and Ingleside seemed the best fit now that we also are grown up – besides, the name is just delightful – and since most of us still want to be writers “when we grow up”, we welcome you to an inside look at the lives of The Writers of Ingleside!