Life of a Writer: May 7th

8:30 AM: I’ve technically been awake since 8:00 AM but Daniel was still sleeping, so I took it as permission to lay there and play on my phone, valid or not. 😛 Getting up, weighing myself, and taking a shower.

8:50 AM: I lost a couple pounds, so the fast did its job – I know it is a false weight in one sense, but it still seems to push weight loss forward. Showered, dressed, and downstairs, it’s time to scrounge for something to feed my growling stomach.

9:30 AM: I made poached eggs over sourdough bread with sliced jalapenos and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Now I’m back up in my writing room, planning to answer some Marco Polos and do my devotional and prayer time.

11:30 AM: I took longer than usual at my prayers and devotions, but it was needed. Now I’m ready to get to work!

12:15 PM: Okay, so I got downstairs just as Daniel came up from the basement, which of course meant we chatted for a bit, did our afternoon workout, and then our normal walk around the yard with our coffee. Finally going to get some work done.

1:40 PM: Okay, so after doing 2-3 days worth of social media posts, I may have gotten distracted playing The Oregon Trail game online. But in my defense, it’s giving me great information on timing for the trail! Heating up some cabbage soup for lunch.

2:45 PM: Well, okay. We ate lunch and then I finished my Oregon Trail game…everyone made it alive except me! Daniel left for the city for work stuff, so I put on a movie and am determined this time to get through the posts!

5:30 PM: I have been working steadily, and intend to keep working for awhile, so I poured myself some wine.

11:15 PM: I’ve worked with few breaks all evening – stopping long enough to catch up with Daniel when he got home at 7:15 and make dinner (salsa verde chicken on a corn tortilla sprinkled with jalapenos, feta cheese, and cilantro) – and finally finished the posts about an hour ago!! Now I’m working on some additional reservations, and looking forward to putting away my computer once they are done.

(In case you are wondering, yes, this has actually happened several times in the last few weeks – working until all hours once I get going to finish what I’m working on)


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