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A Day In the Life

Remember when we were younger and we would keep daily “diaries” of our day so that we should share them as glimpses of our life? Yup. I decided to do that yesterday for this blog – for you girls. <3. It’s a lot more boring than those when I was younger since, you know, most of my time is spent like working and stuff, but hey, that’s daily life, right?

Diary for January 16th, 2020

6:30 – My  alarm goes off and I actually feel somewhat refreshed after going to bed at the very reasonable hour of 9:30 – 10:00. Daniel and I have this goal to get to bed in time to get between 8-10 hours of sleep in hopes of feeling less exhausted since we don’t have any real vacations planned this year. Our success rate has been 50/50. But I think overall we are feeling better.

6:45 – Despite feeling more refreshed, old habits die hard, and I doze in and out until my next alarm. But, hey – at least I’m not waiting for the 7:00 alarm this time!

7:00ish – I proceed with morning things, and since I’ve opted not to take a shower today, I make Daniel coffee, pack lunch, make a breakfast of eggs and toast, accept espresso from Daniel, wash yesterday’s makeup off since I forgot to take it off before I went to bed, get dressed, braid my hair, don’t bother with makeup, and get my work stuff together.

7:40 -Yes, I accomplished all that in 40 minutes. Impressive, right? If you saw how I looked, you wouldn’t think so. You would say, you know, you should have taken time to put make-up on. 😛 But anyway, Daniel and I leave for work, walking down the street to the metro, which was crowded enough that Daniel and I got to stand for the entire ride, squished between as many people as could cram into it.

8:30 – arrive at work, having effectively ignored one person selling flowers and newspapers for the homeless, one person playing music for money, three or four Jehovah’s witnesses, and three homeless people asking for money. And, yes. I live like three miles from work and it takes almost an hour to get there. This is one reason we aren’t concerned about moving so far out. It isn’t going to take that much longer to get there by bus as it does by metro.

9:30ish – So far I’ve managed to order some things on Amazon, breeze through emails, that I marked to take care of later, and in general avoid any actual work. Now it’s time for the team’s daily touchpoint, in which we will talk about everything we are planning to do today, which doesn’t change much from day to day, and any other items we care to discuss.

11:00ish – I finally wrote a list, created a schedule, ran downstairs for a latte, and am now ready to concentrate on everything I”m supposed to be doing. Judge me all you want. Mornings are hard.

12:30 – Heated up lunch, which is a “chicken square”. I got the recipe from my sister and it’s basically chicken, cream cheese and seasonings mixed up and baked in a crescent roll. Really good! But I only ate half of it in an attempt to control the amount of calories. Which I was proud of.

1:22 – I found out I am taking my first “shift” on the watch next Tuesday. Which basically means I will be sitting on the Watch floor from 8:00 until . . . well, they didn’t say what time . . . doing “Watch functions”. Without any training, btw. Delightful.

2:20 – Becoming extremely antsy after getting all but the most disagreeable things done on my list, Daniel has suggested we meet down the street for coffee to clear our brains.

3:00 – Back from coffee, and it worked miracles. I actually do feel ready to dive in again.

4:40 – Packing up, and headed to the metro for the ride home. Daniel always gets on one stop after me, and we meet up to ride home together.

5:30 – Back home. Daniel and I actually got to sit down this time, and I spent about half the ride working on reading Les Mis, which, as you know, I’ve been trying to get through for like 5 years.

5:45 – We were both starving, so we just inhaled some leftovers from last weekend (when we ate out multiple times in between working at the house), and left fairly promptly to run errands.

6:45 – Our errands consisted of walking down the street to drop off dry cleaning, then to the UPS store to return Amazon packages, then to the post office to mail a package from their after-hours service, then to the wine shop to get a bottle of wine (the person there recommended a bottle from Israel – Galilee to be exact), then to the mall in search of a 2020 calendar, then to CVS since the mall no longer had a calendar stand, and then back home. And Yes, we are counting that as our workout. That was an hour of walking!

7:00 – Having run around for 10 minutes putting away part of the nativity set and my Cup of Christmas Tea set so that Daniel can finish putting Christmas stuff away, I am now settling down with a glass of the Israeli wine to chat with Abby for awhile – very long overdue!

10:00ish – Surprisingly exhausted, but happy, Abby and I said goodbye, I brushed my teeth, read a chapter of my book and my Bible app devotional, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep faster than I have in a week. Writing from the perspective of the next day, of course. 🙂

And that was my offer of a glimpse into my daily life!





December’s Chaos

We say that a blog is going to be for daily updates – keep each other updated on our lives, and document the seemingly mundane everyday items that later bring back such precious memories. But it is surprisingly hard to do, isn’t it? Documenting the every day? Because at night, we lay down and, if our mind runs through the day, it is focused on things like food, whether we worked out, how work went, and items such as that, with a few exceptions. Yet, when I look back on my diary from years ago, I love seeing those little items because they trigger memories of whatever stage of life I was in at that point.

Point? Well, I am going to try and make it a goal to write in this “everyday life” blog at least once a month – both so you, my dear friends, can feel like you are a little bit in my life, and to keep records of it – and, yes, an ulterior motive might be to also remind you all to let me have a little insight into your lives too. 😉

So what are my everyday things right now? Well – one thing you all already know about because it ISN’T so everyday – we closed on a house last Monday!! Today is the final, final walk-through, where we get to actually see the parts that were covered up with their moving stuff, so here’s to hoping nothing big was covered up!

Other than that. I went on another work trip last week (it was only last week??? It seems like ages ago already!!). And then my sister-in-law came for a visit the day after I got back! This was a momentous occasion. Because she has Ulcerative Colitis and has barely been able to get out of bed for five years because none of the medications have been able to get it under control. So the fact that she was doing well enough to actually come visit was basically a minor miracle.

Daniel and I bought a Christmas tree right before I left for Atlanta on Sunday the 8th, which then sat in the living room until we had a chance to decorate it the following Friday. We had debated, with everything going on, whether it would be worth putting Christmas things up, but it seemed so sad without them – like just another cold, winter month – so Daniel made an executive decision and we went for it. I am really glad – because it makes me happy every time I look at it.

Anyway, my sister-in-law left on Wednesday, we stayed up until past midnight packing last night (Thursday), and today, after work, we go pick up a rental car, drop my ring off for cleaning, load up the car, go do our walk-through, and then start the drive to Minnesota! We should arrive in Silver Bay, MN sometime Saturday evening/night, where we will stay with my sister, her husband, and their seven children until Monday. Then we drive down to the twin cities, spend the night with my grandparents, spend the morning with them, and then get to my parents sometime Christmas Eve. Then the day after Christmas, we go spend the night at one of my brothers, come back to my parents the next day, spend one more night, then drive to my other sister, who is an hour to an hour and a half away, spend the day with her, her husband, and their five kids, and then start the drive back to VA, so that we can work on Monday. So, if you don’t hear from me at all until 2020, please rest assured, it is not you!

And there you have it! My everyday life update.


Just another day

I am writing this post mostly to show my friends that it is perfectly fine to post about boring every day stuff because I love seeing glimpses into their everyday lives.

So this is my boring, everyday post. Yesterday I got to do my annual doctor visit! Yay! Actually in this case, it was biennial because I forgot to go last year. *hides face while simultaneously laughing* I had a whole list of things to talk to her about – my fingers going numb, marks on my face, a random rash that sometimes appears, my crunchy knee . . . . I have a really nice doctor and I like her a lot . . . but apparently all these things are things that she can’t actually do anything about. So I guess I’m just back to complaining about them.

Then I came home and teleworked the rest of the day and was probably an accurate demonstration of why some managers don’t like telework. I answered emails really fast but . . .that was about it. Oh, and attended like three hours of meetings! I usually am much better – this is why I need to actually force myself to get enough sleep, so I don’t just stare at my phone thinking about how tired I am and how I should probably be working!

I signed off early-ish because I wasn’t getting anything done anyway, and cleaned the house while waiting for Daniel to get home so we could start our at-home date night. He walked in with sushi and chocolate because he’s both the best and the worst. He knows how much I love sushi ( rolls and maki, not nigeri! and preferably with more cream cheese, avocado, and cucumbers than fish). He showed me the chocolate, and I was like, “I gave you strict instructions not to buy any chocolate until NOvember!” (this is me, attempting to watch what I eat – you all know I’m like a rolling hill on this subject – up one moment and down another)

His  response? “I am the head of the house and I have decided to buy you chocolate!”

I laughed too hard to argue anymore. We ate the chocolate.


A Visit to Oswald

*Disclaimer: This is a fictionalized account of how last night might have gone if we all actually lived together*

Yesterday was a rough day. I had a great weekend, and then a very moody day, which is only ever made worse by my guilt that I am not appreciating the previous good days enough. I had a feeling the others had rough days too, based on the silence as we sat around the living room, each engrossed in our own things.

I was working hard on my forum post by staring at the screen angrily and wishing words would just appear. It isn’t due until Thursday, but my paper is due on Sunday, and I plan to be gone all weekend, so, in a ripple effect, the forum post has to get done now so I can work on my paper without interruption.  Rissa was engrossed in a book, having already done the dishes that I completely ignored, and Abby was taking a break from writing her children’s series while she pursued what the internet had to say about being motivated to write. Grace was off on some adventure, as per usual, and all in all, our Ingleside mansion was far too quiet for four girls living there.

Abby must have agreed because after an hour or so of this, she scared me half to death when she suddenly sprang up from the sofa. “Let’s go visit Oswald!”

I eyed her skeptically. “I can’t. I have to do my post.” I am ashamed to say I did not even attempt to hide the grouchiness in my tone. Rissa’s eyes appeared just above the cover of her book, quietly assessing the outcome of the sudden conversation.

“Yes, you can.” Abby responded determinedly. “You aren’t getting anything done anyway, and us sitting around here sulking is a waste of a beautiful night.”

“We have to go to work tomorrow – I don’t have time.” I refused to be easily moved. I can be unfortunately stubborn when I decide I want to be unhappy. I typed a few words and then promptly deleted them.

Abby subsided momentarily, glancing between me and Rissa and then announced. “All right, then I’m going to visit Oswald myself. Rissa, do you want to come?”

“Suure.” Rissa’s slight drawl didn’t sound extremely sure, but she put down her copy of House of Light anyway.

It’s almost like they knew there is no better way to get me to do something than make me feel like I’m going to be left out.

“Fine, I’m coming!” I closed my laptop a little more firmly than was needed, but both girls ignored my temper.

Oswald, for anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with us, is our local ghost. He’s really a friendly ghost – we met him when we were vacationing together in the mountains of Colorado, and since we moved into Ingleside, we’ve decided that he probably resides in the ancient graveyard just down the street from us, so when we go to “visit Oswald”, that actually means we are going on a field trip to the cemetery.

Therefore, we were shortly entering the archway that led into a myriad of forgotten stories. Whether I wanted it to or not, I have to admit that the warm evening air and the stars twinkling overhead lightened my mood. And within a few feet of getting to the graveyard, my paper was all but forgotten. There is something about graveyards that ease the stress from me. I just love meandering the rows and reading the inscriptions, and telling all those loved ones that there are still people who haven’t forgotten them even when they’ve been gone a hundred or so years.

We all walked through the rows quietly, stopping every so often to read the inscriptions when possible, or helping each other make out what a faded word said, but the quiet was far different from the silence in the living room. It was the silence of the revered. The silence of remembering lost hopes.

And as we reached one particular clump of trees, a wind appeared out of nowhere, whipped around us, into the trees, and was gone. We all looked at each other, startled, and even perhaps a little scared, for a moment, and then laughed. “You can’t scare us, Oswald!” Abby called after him. We grinned at each other and started for the exit. I like to think that the souls in that graveyard liked that random peal of laughter – a bit of joy in a sober place.

I know I did. But most of all, I am grateful for friends who don’t put up with my random moods and force me to get out of my own head every once in a while. And I think my school appreciated it too. My post took only about 15 minutes after I got home, which means tonight I get to fully concentrate on my paper again. Assuming Oswald doesn’t decide to interrupt us again.



A Trip to Utah

I have a feeling it will take us writers awhile to figure out how to do posts without waiting for a “big” event to make one worthwhile. So, while I normally wouldn’t post about these seemingly every day things, that is exactly what I am going to do since, as described in the About Us page, that is exactly what this blog is supposed to be! And, yes, that was me warning you in a roundabout way that there is nothing overtly exciting about this post. 😛

So, I went to Utah last week. For a business trip. I had about. . . mmm . . . 10 days warning maybe? Maybe 15. It was just me and my boss. Now, I like my boss. Mostly. He has the best of intentions and the worst of memories. He also has this habit of – oh – let’s see. I know of a great example. Emailing people to find out if he can brief at their security conference in 15 days, and then, when he gets permission, forwarding it to his three analysts (of which I am one), with an “FYI, one of you will be going with me to this.” Which translates to, we are going to do this briefing I just signed up for and whoever goes with me is ACTUALLY doing the briefing.

So off to Utah I went, after taking a total of one day to prepare the briefing and one day to memorize the information I needed (because, no matter what he thinks, I cannot drop all of my other tasks in order to put it together early).

It actually didn’t go half bad. After sitting at the bar – oh, excuse me – restaurant (they have very strict guidelines in Salt Lake City on what is a restaurant vs. a bar), and looking like a crazy person as I recited information to myself, I incited the sympathy of both the [very young girl] bartender and another customer, one of whom offered to let me practice on her, and, and the other who assured me that it would be fine, not to over practice, and reminded me none of them would remember anything I said anyway. I later found out he had never really done public speaking – but it was nice of him to try and encourage me anyway.

I think one of the most painful parts, though, was when we arrived Tuesday afternoon, and I had to follow my boss around to scope out Wednesday’s meeting place. Like I said, sweetest guy, best of intentions – some . . . memory issues, I guess. So, first, we walk the 12 minutes to the meeting site to make sure we know where it is. But walking there actually consisted of starting in one direction, stopping so he can stare at his GPS for awhile, and then turning in another direction. So it actually took at least 20 minutes. And since we arrived early enough that the hotel wouldn’t let us check in, I was lugging my backpack with two laptops, and like 5 books (courtesy of being a writer) and it was like 100 degrees out. So I was already exhausted by the time we located the meeting place.

We get there, and he suggests we eat lunch at the place it advertises at the front (it’s past 2:00 PM by this point). So we walk to the back, and they had closed 10 minutes before, but it took me a few minutes to convince him that yes, this place with the same name was actually the place he saw advertised, and, yes, it was actually closed. So, then we go back to the directory to find a nearby lunch place, and he starts clicking around on the interactive map, and I make the mistake of asking which one is in the direction of our hotel (thinking, of course, that we could walk toward the hotel and stop on the way), so the next 15 minutes are spent with him taking turns examining his GPS and the map in front of him, and trying to figure out what streets things are on. This includes the time he looked at the address for the building we were at, and tried to find that on the map because he thought that was the hotel, and partially acknowledging, but not really listening as I tried to point out the actual street name our hotel was on. Eventually he came to the conclusion (with my assistance) that we could just walk in the direction of the hotel and stop when we saw a place.

We walked a few minutes, and he sees an advertisement for a plaza and decides that will likely have food and we should check there (a good suggestion and usually true) – so we walk through and find another directory, which, of course, we must examine thoroughly. Allow me to quote part of the conversation.

Me: Look – that restaurant is right there (points to building next to us)

Him: Hmm. What about this – where is this one – where is C26?

Me: Uh – here – there it is.

Him: Which one is that?

Me: C26.

Him: Oh – what is it?

Me: Reads the name out loud.

Him: Hmm. (continues browsing) Oh. What about this one – hey that’s right here. (points to exact same building I had pointed to)

I won’t bore you with the rest – but you get the idea. Between walking around trying to find an OPEN place to eat, and deciding whether we should be on the upper or lower level, it was probably 20-30 minutes before we were finally seated at, of all places, a Dave & Busters. 

Then, the walk back. We get out of the restaurant and start walking. He checks his GPS and, accordingly, stops to study it, and then turns us around. I was like, “Um – isn’t this back towards the meeting place, not the hotel?” “No – it’s taking us to the hotel.” Five or so minutes later, the meeting place comes into view. He stops short, and would have turned around again, but I pulled out my GPS, and was like – here – we can go this way instead of going all the way back. Now, in his defense, the GPS, for whatever reason, really had told him to go that extra long way – but in 100 degree weather, lugging a heavy backpack after having spent eight hours on airplanes, I may have been a little too short with him. I do feel bad about that. 

But I got back to the hotel eventually, dove into the pool, laid out in the sun, had some wine, practiced my briefing for the next day, and went to bed feeling immensely happier. 

This post has gotten immensely long, and my lunch break is up, so I am not going to bore you by going into my indignation about Utah’s alcohol laws (did you know you can’t take a glass of wine to your hotel room, but you can take a bottle?), or talk about the client dinner in which I was the only woman in a group of 20+ men and had to squeeze in at a long table with everyone, or tell you about the 12ish year old I sat next to on the airplane on the ride back who watched her movie without headphones, nor discuss how my boss then submitted my time sheet FOR me without letting me put in the 12 hour days I had worked because I didn’t make time to do it while I was in airports/airplanes for 10 hours. 

Instead I will end on a positive note by saying, as annoying as the trip was, that place was gorgeous. We were surrounded by mountains, the sky was incredible, the weather was beautiful, and if it wasn’t for the absurd drinking laws, I’d totally go back someday. 


Hello From Virginia!

I’m not great on introductions or pithy openings, unlike most of my writerly friends. 😛 I also tend to be pretty to-the-point, which can sometimes make things short, but then, unless I am absolutely certain of what I am saying, I’ll follow it up with lots of qualifiers. I’ll try not to do that to you today – at least too much.

I work full-time in Washington DC as an analyst, and write on the side. In a nutshell, my days typically consist of working, going home, working out (on good days), studying for my Master of Arts (depending on if I am taking a class that month), and then either writing or doing other stuff while thinking that I should be writing.

Since this blog is all about the little life stuff and, of course, writing, I’ll skip the boring talk about my job for now and dive straight into writing. I’m currently working on editing a super sappy romance novel, which I plan to submit to Love Inspired whenever I eventually really think it’s ready (code: never). I also have a historical literary/romance novel that needs basically a complete re-haul, and I have set that aside for awhile because it’s a little discouraging, and I am still trying to finish a fantasy novel because the characters keep insisting that the plot gets deeper and deeper! Initially that one was going to be a pretty short almost novella, but we are at like 120,000 words, and they haven’t even had a battle yet. So we’ll see where that one goes.

In case you can’t tell, I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and then be upset because I can’t do everything perfectly, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

My Writers of Ingleside girls help keep me grounded and encouraged, and I can’t wait to see more about their everyday lives halfway across the country!

P.S. In case you are curious, I’m Jacinta.

Welcome to The Writers of Ingleside!

True friends are always together in spirit. ~Anne of Green Gables

We are a group of best friends who live states apart, but try to come together every couple/few years and always stay in touch. We thought it’d be fun to run a blog together with our every day lives as the subject, and maybe the occasional fictional blurb thrown in. Stay tuned to hear from writers in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia!