A Fireplace Type of Day

Today seemed like a good in-between day. Neither too lazy nor too productive, so I thought I’d write about it.

I slept in, I will admit, until 10:30, and it felt really good. After struggling last week with very bad insomnia (try unable to sleep until 5:30 or 6:00 multiple nights), to feel like I slept well was a breath of relief. Discounting my dreams, of course, which involved a holocaust in the USA targeting children.

Following the necessary cup of coffee, and answering a few annoying emails–including one that was NOT helpful for resolving insurance coverage for the rental car I crashed, I decided to start the day with reading a fun book rather than diving straight into any additional emails. Since my sisters and I are rereading all the Jane Austen books together, and Northanger Abbey is up next, I grabbed it, curled up on the sofa next to Daniel, who was working, and read until the chimney sweeps came about half an hour later. Then I went through the rest of my emails, and closed it to do my devotions. I decided last week that, as I tried to get back on something of a schedule, I should do devotions after I caught up on email/social media so God could calm down any ruffled spirits.

By the time I finished that, the chimney sweeps were done, and it was time for me to actually contribute to the Gibson Girl story – as you both well know. So, I stared at a blank document for awhile, then got up, made some tea, set a timer for 15 minutes, and managed to get over 400 words done. Since that seemed to be the extent of my inspiration, I took a break to light a fire in the newly cleaned fire place, and sat in front of it while I slowly tapped out another 500ish words.

Feeling ridiculously tired after this very minor activity, I laid down for a few minutes, drifting in and out, and then sat up, inspired. I ran upstairs, grabbed all my Oregon/California trail books, a few writing books, and then my planner, poured myself a whiskey and coke, and laid down on the floor to plot out an exact timeline for editing Picture of the Past (spoiler alert: if all goes well, I plan to solicit beta readers in March). I know, I’m a type A to the core.

Around 6ish, I put all that away, played the piano a couple minutes, put a couple puzzle pieces in place, and then Daniel and I ran some errands. Once we got back, I re-lit the fire (because I’m obsessed with fires now), turned on Bones Season One, and am now writing this extremely boring post because I’ve not written anything in here in a long time.

So that was my boring/typical day as I slowly go back to being a productive person.


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